Kinetic Engineering
9-12 Hume Reserve Court, Bell Park Victoria, 3215, Australia
+61 3 5278 5300
Fax: +61 3 5272 1733


Experience over the last 25 years has shown us that some of our customers have a preference to have assemblies built by us at Kinetic so they can fit a completed component on to their equipment as an integral unit.  
On prototype work Kinetic can save customers time and money by supplying completed assemblies which can be checked for any design faults before being integrated to their production equipment.

Our aim at Kinetic Engineering is to make quality components from drawings, sketches or in some cases sample parts to a very high standard. They are made quickly and efficiently and we  pride ourselves on the fact that you will get your components on time every time and they will be right.

We have built a fast and efficient organization able to supply a wide range of clients including Steel Mills, Mining, Manufacturing and Automotive Industry all over Australia.

Break down services are available.

We understand the importance of getting your
organization up and running as quickly as possible.