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Kinetic Engineering Services P/L offers a comprehensive balancing resource for the production, maintenance and repair of rotating components.

Balancing ensures long life and optimum performance. Our Schenck HGW- 40-B balancing machine is a world class facility which is specifically designed for  operational speed balancing. Advanced instrumentation is capable of accurately measuring the imbalance in two planes to enable us to undertake  “balance rectification.”  A detailed balance report assures the client that the component or assembly is balanced to the correct standard. Schenck balancing machines feature a hard-bearing design to closely simulate operating conditions and provide superior results. Our machine has a modular design to accommodate most types of shafts that are balanced on their own journals.


Remember! Correct Balance means a more efficient machine with real savings on operating costs and increased bearing and journal life. 

25 years experience in this field  ensures  a high quality product  delivered  on time at a competitive price.

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- Shaft Length 0-6000mm,
- Diameter 0-1300 mm,
- Mass up to 3000 Kg
- Journal Size  0-300 mm